Swift Evolution Monthly

By Cihat Gündüz

Summary of interesting developments on Swift Evolution

Summary of interesting developments on Swift Evolution

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Swift Evolution Monthly: October '22 – Lifting limitations on Xcode, Result Builder variables, Existential arguments, testable Clocks, and Back-Deploying Functions

The following proposals not yet presented were already accepted:SE-0373: Lift all limitations on variables in result buildersLinks: Proposal Document 📝 | Acceptance Rationale ✅ | Review 🧵When writing code in the body of a view in SwiftUI, we can already use a…


Swift Evolution Monthly: September '22 – Conditional Attributes, StaticBigInt, Stable Sorting, Isolated deinit, Work Groups

Conditional Attributes, StaticBigInt, Stable Sorting, Isolated deinit, Work Groups


Swift Evolution Monthly: July ‘22 – last Regex proposal, implicit [weak self] capture, ‘move’ keyword

My first Indie App, my first Evolution pitch experience, the last of 6 Regex proposals, external conformance warning, implicit [weak self] capture & a new ‘move’ keyword.


Swift Evolution Monthly : June '22 – WWDC22, @const, some, Generic extensions, Swift 6 feature flags

The following proposals already presented in the past have been accepted:SE-0352: Implicitly Opened Existentials (Rationale ✅)SE-0353: Constrained Existential Types (Rationale ✅)SE-0356: Swift Snippets (Rationale + Modifications ✅)


Swift Evolution Monthly: May '22 – Regex overhaul (pt. II), Swift Snippets, new Workgroups

The following proposal already presented in the past has been accepted:SE-0350: Regex Type and Overview (Rationale ✅)No other proposals were accepted within the last month!


Swift Evolution Monthly: April '22 – Regex overhaul, improved Existentials, Swift 5.7 timeline

The following proposals presented in past issues have been accepted:SE-0344: Distributed Actor Runtime (Rationale ✅)SE-0345: if let shorthand for shadowing an existing optional variable (Rationale ✅)SE-0346: Lightweight same-type requirements for primary asso…


Swift Evolution Monthly: First Issue – Background History, Chris Lattner, 6 Proposals

SE-0329: Clock, Instant, and DurationProblem:We have many different types to measure & do calculations with continuous time: Date, TimeInterval, DispatchTime, DispatchTimeInterval, …Currently, there’s no unified concept of time in all frameworks. Also, Ti…